Friday, June 13, 2008

Magnetic Chore Chart

I thought of this idea to make my own magnetic chore chart for my kids Don't look too close because it's not perfect. The back of the round magnets leave a little residue/stain on the paper when you play around with them too much. I used a cookie sheet from the dollar store and "cuttin up" with "George" to make the words and boxes.

Some tips if you are going to try this:

*Design out what you want on paper first

*Create one chart per child

*Cover the decorated paper with a clear transparency

*There is no good way I have found to adhere the ribbon on the sheet to support the weight of the chart so you can pop a small nail through the upper left and right corners to support it and use the ribbon (mine was duct taped to the back) just for decoration.

* Make sure you hang it in a spot where everyone will see it and the kids will return to often enough to move the magnets to "done" when they are finished.


Jaimee said...

So cute! I'm sharing this in a Tips On Tuesday - Chore Charts post on my blog : )
Jaimee @

Sara @ said...

Thanks for sharing, love that you turned a dollar store cookie sheet into this! Sharing this on my blog :)

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Anonymous said...

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